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Isle of Wight Studio Glass 'Azurene' Range

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              Turquoise 'Azurene' Small Round Pot


                                              Triangle sticker

                      Size : 4" diam x 3.75" high (10cm x 9.5cm)

                                      Price : £95.00 (plus p&p)

                       Pink 'Azurene' Large Lollipop


                                               Triangle sticker

                     Size : 9.25" high x 7"wide (23.5cm x 17.5cm)

                                       Price : £150.00 (plus p&p)

                          'Azurene' Pink Small Cylinder


                                         Black triangle sticker                               
                            Size : 5" high x 1.5" diam (13cm x 4cm)
                                        Price : £59.00 (plus p&p)

                  Black Azurene Small Doughnut Vase


                          Size : 2" high x 4" diam (5cm x 10cm)

                                 Price : £45.00 (plus p&p)

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Artius Glass
U.K. BA16 0AN

                         A Large Footed Chalice


                An interesting combination of black Azurene with 22ct gold
                             but constructed in the style of Nightscape.
                                    Signed to base : Isle of Wight TH 2004
                              Size : 6.75" diam x 7.75" high (17cm x 19.5cm)
                                           Price : £275.00 (plus p&p)

                                 'Minimal' Snail


                                            Black triangle sticker

                            Size : 1.75" high x 2.25" long (4.5cm x 5.5cm)

                                           Price : £39.00 (plus p&p)

                     Black 'Azurene' Cylinder Vase Small


                                            Black triangle sticker

                         Size : 5.5" high x 1.5" diam (13.5cm x 4cm)

                                         Price : £59.00 (plus p&p)

                          'Azurene' Pink Conical Vase



                    Size : 3.75" high x 4.55" diam (9.5cm x 11.5cm)

                                  Price : £115.00 (plus p&p)

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