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January 2018
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 Siddy Langley, Guest of Honour at Isle of Wight  Glass Studio Day   ~    Artius Glass
New Year Sale 



Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


The year has charged by, as is the norm the older you get, and Christmas saw us join what one of my choir pals described as the Snivelling Masses (he is a doctor and so sees more than his share of that section of the community). We had the bug all over the Annual General Argument period as well as the celebration that reminds us all that we are not immortal ~ The New Year. But early to bed and early to rise for our New Year's Day Fair at Winchester. Always a lovely affair.

However AGAIN I am way overdue in getting out this newsletter and realise that I have not even mentioned the highlight of the Studio Year, The Collectors' Studio Day on Sunday 26th November.

As in previous years we managed to secure the attendance of yet another of the earliest glass makers in the development of the British Studio Glass movement, Siddy Langley, as you would all have read about in at least the last two newsletters from us plus the recent one from the studio by Dr. Richard.

As with previous Glass making Guests of Honour I did a Q. & A. session with the lovely Siddy.

By her own admission she was not comfortable with standing and presenting a solo lecture, so with a few prompts and leading questions, hopefully to put her at her ease, it worked like a charm and she was up and running almost instantly and kept us all enthralled and fully engaged for the whole session and we thank her most sincerely for that.

Her contribution was wonderfully illustrated by a good selection of her work which was clearly appreciated by all the avids who attended with quite a few pieces being sold. All very worthwhile then.



The Day Piece

Next came the day's highlight as in previous years ~ Tim making the 'one occasion only' - 'Day Piece'. And what a gem! In terms of construction I found it staggering – world class in my opinion – and it has been titled Galle Jardin, a very apt and justifiable name.

The piece was made in two colourways basically one group in pink and one in deep blue. There were two sizes in stoppered bottles ( one ginormous, as you can judge) which were encrusted with a new form of flower plus two sizes of perfume bottle with this new style of flower stopper.



Next came an opportunity to see Siddy working her magic at the bench (chair) when she was the 'Gaffer' with no less than Tim as her assistant. Now there is a turn up! But lo and behold they jelled like peaches and cream and produced a very special piece which also instantly sold.

There was a very healthy uptake on these special day pieces which, as before, are destined to become (as they are now by their very nature) most desirable gems of the future or my name is not Santa Claus! All Tim has to do now is make them!

There were also six 'trial development' pieces available (shown in group above - top right) and to my surprise only half of those sold which I find puzzling. How much better than that does it get??! All would be marked and signed accordingly.

In addition to the wonderful catering by Roger's mother (Mrs Pike) the whole day was held together seamlessly by the great staff ~ Roger (manager and Tim's 'Man Friday'), Tina (retail assistant), Ffleur(Tim's youngest daughter & retail assistant), Clare (Tim's assistant) and Marlene (ex shop manageress from the St. Lawrence Studio) The rest of us -myself and my wife Ann, Dr. Richard Harris and the indomitable Liz - mucked in wherever needed with me doing M.C duties in the main.

A personal vote of thanks to all for making it rather special and that includes you, dear reader, for making it all so feasible.

All attendees agreed it was probably one of the best Studio Days there had ever been and we have had some great ones.

So, get your name down early and don't miss out if you want to witness something special at the next Studio Day.

And Now For Something Completely Different !

Our Annual


Yes, Christmas has come twice - or early, (whichever way it grabs you)

Below are 5 'Old Friends' which have now outstayed their welcome and are in danger of becoming hangers on - leech like!

So now for some Pretty Pictures!



Produced in two iconic Japanese symbols of Cherry and Pine shown on the rim colour. A wine glass is not something that is often made as studio glass. It was generally the forte of traditional and classic glass making which needed at least three specialist skilled makers to produce ~ one for the bowl, one for the stem and one for the foot. Hence this is time consuming to produce and priced accordingly. They were never cheap but always valued (think Georgian drinking glasses for example)

Description: 'Kyoto - Cherry' Wine Glass

Maker : Timothy Harris & Michael Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 16cm (6.25")highx 3.25" diam (8.5cm ) approx.

Date: .1982/5.

I.D. Marks: None.

Condition : . Excellent

Price : SOLD



One of many different random paperweights made over the first 40 years at the St.Lawrence Studio across many colours as well as those made as part of the established production ranges. All were individual and made a nice starter item to get collectors 'hooked' (hopefully!)

Description: 'Green & Blue Swirl Paperweight' (large size)

Maker : Timothy Harris/Studio Glassmakers

Size: 9cm(3.5“)diam.

Date: Various.

I.D. Marks: .None

Condition : . Excellent

Price: SOLD




Made at the end of the first series of paperweights made by Michael from 1972 incorporating the impressed 'flame logo' to base

Description: 'Swirl Paperweight'

Maker : Michael Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 5.5cm(2.5”) x 5.5cm(2.25”) diam.

Date: 1974/80

I.D. Marks: Impressed 'Flame Logo'

Condition : . Excellent




Amongst the most appealing and successful designs produced by the Studio. Running without a break from1993~2012 at the end of which the old Studio at St.Lawrence closed. Still a very striking and appealing design. Goodness only knows why it is here at half price! I guess it may be that green is considered an unlucky colour. However it is my favourite colour and it hasn't brought me bad luck – to my knowledge. Funny thing, these 'old wives tales'!

Description: 'Summer Fruits' Greenberry squat amphora vase

Maker : Timothy Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 11cm(4.75“)high x 10cm(4”) diam

Date: 1995/2008.

I.D. Marks: Gold Square sticker

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD





Successor to the exceptionally successful original 'Golden Peackock' this was titled 'New'Golden Peackock. The original came in dramatic strong colours and ran for 19 years without a break. It was considered that it was time for a change and so was changed to pastel colours of which this was one, popular in fashion at that time. However, in my opinion, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. And so the case was proved. Very low sales volume and so it was dropped in less that two years. This of course now makes the range relatively scarce. A good opportunity to get a design hard to come by.

Description: 'New Golden Peacock' footed vase

Maker : Timothy Harris. Revised design by Liz Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 15cm(6“)high x 9.5cm(3.75”) dia.

Date: .2001/3.

I.D. Marks: Gold square sticker

Condition : Excellent

Price: Was £89.00 Now £44.50 (inc. p&p)


                That's All Folks!!

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