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Latest Newsletter
On this page we will be publishing our latest newsletter previously sent out to collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available to purchase.

December 2014

This month's newsletter highlights   Isle of Wight Glass Collectors 
 Studio  Day   ~


   Jonathan Harris Studio Glass Collectors Event Day





Yes, London Bus Syndrome I guess but, as this will be the last newsletters until after the festive season, I feel justified. So as promised a short run down of the first event of the ‘New Era’ at IoW S.G.
Collectors Studio Day at I.of W. Studio Glass.
Due to date clash problems the official opening day had to be postponed from September and was incorporated into the Collectors Day on 19th October.
The full day, run pretty much on the same lines as the highly successful and much loved days run at the original studio, started with our favourite colleague and ‘avid’ Mark Hill who conducted the opening ceremony with a few well chosen words followed by the burning of the tape with a gather of molten glass on the end of a blowing iron. Very appropriate we all thought.
Our two other special guests were Jonathan Harris and one William Walker.
Jonathan, Timothy’s younger brother, gave an absorbing talk on the original development of  his cameo & Graal designs. He first started to develop these at the original Studio at St. Lawrence before moving to his own at Ironbridge at the turn of the Millennium. His designs are now world renowned and we are proud and honoured to be stockists – see our website where he has a dedicated page.  He showed a few early examples to much admiration from the 50 or so guest members which out of interest comprised a mix of I.of W. Studio Glass members and those from the Artius Glass privileged collectors group.


Next came William Walker who will need little introduction to those avids who have a good knowledge of the history and development of the ground breaking designs produced by the Studio since the seventies.William, in his own way, played no small part. It was due to his suggestion of applying silver and gold to the surface of black glass that Tim and Jonathan’s father, Michael, gained accolades, awards and international acclaim. This set the pattern and status of I of W Glass on a world wide stage which has not diminished to this day.
Williams input to the day was two fold. Firstly he was to make a piece based on that ground breaking design of Black Azurene in the form of a large handled jug and secondly he was  to make one of his own ‘landscape’ designs in footed bowl shape. Both were ultimately snapped up by appreciative collectors who clearly were aware of the very special unique nature of what they were witnessing. I had several guest makers in mind  to attend the Studio day but William was the firsht to take up the invitation. Check back on previous newsletter to remind yourself of others I have in mind.. All of the above making demos were ably assisted by a familiar but very capable assistant called Timothy Harris – an unusual role for him! We all thoroughly enjoyed William’s glassmaking demos - as much as anything for the disarmingly amusing anecdotes thrown in at every opportunity (some of which are unrepeatable!).


  William Walker’s Black Azurene  jug ( on its side during the making – beak to the right)

The day finished off with the main event which was namely watching Tim make that highly desirable and rare beast The ‘New Era’ Studio Collectors Day Piece called ‘Arreton Valley’. It encompasses a very unusual and technically innovative making method which I was intrigued by as I had never seen this process before and in truth, whilst it does not have enormous ‘WoW’ factor as a finished product, it makes up for that in technical innovation which is Timothy at his best.
For those who did not attend but may wish to invest in a similar piece it was decided to offer two similar pieces, not quite so substantial, but of a very similar nature design-wise.
These Day Pieces were priced at £425.00 (27cm tall) for the tall bowl vase and £295.00(20cm high) for the perfume bottle.
However the Edition pieces will be available to order by any paid up member of Artius Glass p.c.g. or signed up member of I.of W. Studio Glass Collectors Club for 12 months from the date of The Studio Day – so until next October 19th. Shapes as for the Studio Day pieces but smaller at 15cm (6”) high for the bowl and 17cm (6.75”) high for the perfume bottle both priced at £275.00 each.
A great opportunity to indulge ! Contact the studio directly or us if you wish. As a nice option these pieces can be produced gloss or fumed. The perfume bottles can have round or flat stopper as you wish.



Tim showing the substantial Day Piece ‘Arreton Valley’  The finished item – tall bowl vase-Gloss & Fumed and perfume bottle      



Jonathan Harris  Studio Glass ‘Collectors Event Day’
Last Saturday saw our first opportunity in all the years we have dealt with Jonathan and Alison to be able to attend one of his special events as it did not clash with one of our weekend fairs.
Again a most engaging affair with Jonathan as M.C. and two guest speakers fully supported in all cases by some fascinating slide shows. Because of Jonathan’s studio set-up it is not possible to include hot glass making or Jonathan carving . There would not be enough hours in the day to see Jonathan complete a piece. All were absorbingly engaging with Jonathan giving a very comprehensive historic run down on his ‘journey in glass’ ~  going back to how it all started with his father’s journey.
Two other stalwarts gave presentations, one of which was Charles Hajdamach a well known authority on British glass production. His own publication  ‘20 Century British Glass’ is, with very few others, the ‘bible’ of British Studio Glass production but his is probably the most comprehensive on glass from the 20th century to date.  His presentation was an absorbing synopsis of the best of British cameo glass making in which he now rightly includes Jonathan’s design work.
The other presentation was by one of Jonathan’s best collectors, Trevor Willis, who showed his pieces bought over the last ten years as well as some of the other eclectic items which have roused his varied interest.
All this and a vast array of Jonathans recent work in a lovely hall  where an extensive and appreciated buffet lunch was indulged in by us all.There was also the chance to indulge in purchases of those pieces! Thanks to Jonathan and Alison for a very satisfying and enjoyable day all round
Some of these magnificent pieces will be on our stand at our up and coming fairs and Ann will be listing them on our website when I have taken some images which do them justice!!(Don’t you just HATE these dull grey November/December days – I do. Just give me some blue sky and sun for crying out loud so that I can take a decent image!


And Now -AT LAST- some more pretty Pictures!



Golden Mosaic was a design concept from Tim which, in slightly modified forms, lasted pretty well right up to 2011 including a rebirth of this very appealing ‘bag’ shape in 2000. This size was discontinued at the end of its first year of 1995. Made in three sizes initially of which this was the largest. In 2003 a larger size was added and the shape changed with the addition of curled ‘ram’s horn’ top outer ends. A seriously scarce, hard to come by, gem. 


Description: ‘Golden Mosaic’ bag vase
Maker :Timothy Harris I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 14.5cm (5.5”) high x 17cm wide (6.75") x 6.5cm(2.5”) deep
Date: 1995 only in this shape
I.D. Marks:  Gold square sticker for ‘93-‘95 (does not include words ‘The Original)
Condition : Excellent
Price: £229.00
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)



A shape which NEVER went into production for the U.K. market but was a special commission for a Japanese customer. However because very few were made and sent the order was discontinued. I have never seen one before. So a really rare gem.  In one of the Studio’s most appealing and enduring designs. Made by rolling the first roughly partially blown gather onto shards of a smashed  piece of an appropriate colour (either  pink, white or blue for the top half but all with green for the lower section) These then represented Lilac, Lily or Larkspur. Together with studio made glass fibres also rolled onto the body to represent grass the design was very labour intensive and consequently quite expensive at the time. However that did not stop the whole range selling very well. 

This unique piece is an IoW.S.G. collectors dream! (find me another!!?) 

Description: ‘Flower Garden’ Lilac bud vase
Maker :Timothy Harris I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 21cm (8.25”) high x 4cm diam (1.25")
Date: Not known but....
I.D. Marks:  Gold square sticker for ‘1993-95
Condition : Excellent
Price: SOLD
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)

So to finish.............
A very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and Prosperous New Year to all of our very special collectors and customers. We really appreciate you all.

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
Phone or text : 07860 822666 mobile (best method) or 01458 443694 land line(includes messaging service).
Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

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