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March 2018
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 A  major  exhibition :   The  Harris  Dynasty'   at  'Nature  in  Art'   Wallsworth  Hall, 
                                           Twigworth  Gloucester  GL2  9PA




Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


Well, none of the usual platitudes about stuff that falls out of the sky although the kids LOVED it ~ No school and sledging delights ~ Ah yes, I remember it well! We just battened down the hatches and went nowhere!

However, we were soon back to the old routine and made a delightful first visit to stand at a new fair for us ~ Antiques @ The Holt in a lovely Hotel in the middle of Oxfordshire, Steeple Aston to be precise. Well organised and publicised by a newish, but very conscientious, trader/organiser and wife with a fairly low, but embryonic footfall, partly affected by snow forecasts. But the right type of footfall is more important for us ~ some old faces and some new faces, the latter of which invested in some of our best pieces and that has become the more important factor in this period of Brexit lack lustre fears. Oxford has long been identified by us as one of those wide open opportunity areas and so it proved.

Our thanks to the brave commitment of Marcus and Franca for organising it and for finding us stand space. Take a look from our link to add to your diary for the next fair, which sadly we will miss, but we will be at the following two ~ www.antiques-at-the-holt.co.uk


New! Exhibition at 'Nature in Art' ~ The Harris Dynasty

At last a major exhibition showcasing the work of 'The Harris Dynasty' et al.

For many years the Trapnell family of Wallsworth Hall - a magnificent 'pile' - in Gloucester and the family home of the Trapnell family - have been holding exhibitions and promoting the best of British craftspersons and artists work.

The family, from personal interest, have been collecting Harris Dynasty work apparently for many years and current director Simon Trapnell decided that an exhibition of all that had been achieved by the Harris', from Mdina days to the present, would make a wonderful open exhibition. And so it has transpired ~ after making contact with Jonathan Harris late last year and then discussions with Jonathan and Alison the scope of such an exhibition began to take shape.

Together the Harris family started to collate, in chronological order, as many examples as was possible including many from Liz Harris' personal pieces made by the iconic Michael from their time on Malta, with work from Tim's innovative hot glass work and many of Jonathan's exceptional designs plus Liz's regenerated art glass pictures, right up to the present day. All have been condensed into one glorious exhibition which opened on 20th March.

We went on the opening day and can only describe our visit as a jaw dropping event!

Below are some of my snapshots ~ and apologies for the quality. I think my hand was shaking from the excitement of it all. These images are only a proportion of what is on show.

The passion and enthusiasm exuded by Simon Trapnell, for all that the Harris family have produced, almost matches mine!. For the collectors there are many pieces for sale, several of which went within the first two hours of opening! So don't miss it if at all possible.

It runs until April 15th. Following taken from the Nature in Art website (with thanks)

'Nature in Art is a museum and art gallery at Wallsworth Hall, Twigworth, Gloucester, England, dedicated exclusively to art inspired by nature in all forms, styles and media.

AddressWallsworth Hall, Sandhurst, Gloucester GL2 9PA Open :10am ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone01452 731422 ' Closed Mondays.

Google http://natureinart.org.uk/whats-on-at-nature-in-art/ to give you some idea of just some of the scope of coverage that this venue offers as a premier (and understated I feel) art outlet to all. Absolute MAGIC!!



Now for some pretty pictures




This wonderful undersea inspired design by Tim was part of only 2 colourways representing a British seaweed species This 3 dimensional surface design takes a particular skill which he has continued to pursue with great success in various designs since. It was the last design, made for attending collectors only, in the year of the closing of the old Studio at St. Lawrence. However this 'trial' piece was never part of that issue which makes it rather special and an 'avid' collectors dream. The series comprised only three sizes in vases and two in perfume bottles. I would personally love to have had one in each but Hey Ho, such is life.

Description: IoW Studio Glass 'Seaweed Pink Corallina' vase

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: 14.5cm(5.75”)high x 9cm(3.5“) diam.

Date: 2012

I.D. Marks: 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2012 Trial '

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD




Very early 1973 squat vase guaranteed made by Michael in that it carries his earliest 'coachbolt prunt' covering the pontil scar as well as the earliest paper I.D. sticker.

In a precursor colourway to the very desirable 'Seaward' which is the rarest in these swirled colours typical of his early production. This is mainly blue but with a touch of the characteristic green included.

Description: IoW Studio Glass 'Squat vase'

Maker : Michael Harris

Size: 10cm(4”)high x 12.5cm(5“)diam.

Date: 1973

I.D. Marks: Inscribed 'Michael Harris Isle of Wight'

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD




Whilst with a lot less 'WoW' factor this is nonetheless an important piece as a trial and precursor to the final issue of the New Forest textured bark vase by Tim. The production method was devised by his father Michael and ultimately made famous of course by Geoffrey Baxter of Whitefriars in the 60's as their version of Michael's concept known from Whitefriars as the textured vase.

There is more to the story as many of you will know and as published in the book by Mark Hill on Michael and his life and works.

Anyway, in homage to his father's iconic design Tim replicated the process with actual tree bark in a mould faithfully reproducing his father's original process at the 2008 Collectors Studio Day by also combining it with one of his (Tim's) most accomplished design processes in 'Undercliff'.

This was his first trial of that process but not in 'Undercliff' as you can see.

Now offered to Artius Glass pcg Collectors Group members first.

Description: IoW Studio Glass textured 'bark vase' one off Trial of New Forest for 2008 Collectors Studio Day

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: 16cm(6.25”)high x 7.5cm(3“) x 6.5cm (2.5”)

Date: 2008

I.D. Marks: 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2008 Trial '

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD


                That's All Folks!!

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