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Latest Newsletter
On this page we will be publishing our latest newsletter previously sent out to collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available to purchase.

October 2014

This month's newsletter highlights   Isle of Wight Glass Collectors 


 Studio  Day Arrangements ~  Isle of Wight Studio Glass at The National Glass Fair 




Hello Artius Glass & IoW Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

With regard to our major interest, namely IoW Studio Glass, a mild sense of panic blended with excitement is setting in now that we are completing all the finer points of setting up for the highlight of the Studio’s events ~ The Collectors Studio Day. For those lucky enough to get their name on the list, as always, something special awaits.
I can now confirm the following details, as notified to all attendees, that the special guests will be Mark Hill, who will perform the opening ceremony and  guest artists Jonathan Harris, Michael and Liz Harris’ youngest son (Tim’s brother of course) and William Walker, someone without whom the ultimate early success of the studio would not have been confirmed.
I could go on at great length about the merits of each of these special guests in their role of the Studio’s current standing on both the national and international stage but most of you will be only too aware of that I am sure. So to give you a heading to research in Google, or other formats, all you will need are these search key words   Azurene glass (William Walker, Royal College of Art), Mark Hill author of Michael Harris:Mdina and Isle of Wight Studio Glass and Jonathan Harris Studio Glass, cameo glass.
All have been major players in the early, and up to date, success and recognition of the Studio globally. But of course not least is the ongoing and continuing influence in the Studio’s 40 year history, of Timothy Harris,  eldest son of Michael and Liz.
In this new phase of the Studio’s illustrious history, ownership is now in the hands of Michael’s younger brother Dr. Richard Harris to  whom we are all indebted (information for all of those who have only just returned to the planet after an extensive tour of the known universe!)
Next Sunday will see a celebration of what has gone before and the anticipation of all that is to come.
I will report on that much loved and eagerly anticipated event a short while afterwards.
Those on the attendance list should have received their itinerary and timing schedule for the day. Please urgently advise Richard Harris if you have not. wlmailhtml:{F2B6898D-2E67-40B0-A011-3C11F0CEF551}mid://00000131/!x-usc:mailto:Richard@isleofwightstudioglass.co.uk so that you can be emailed that info without delay.
Please re-read all previous information on at least the last two Artius Glass Newsletters for confirmation of the requirements of attendance.
Look forward to seeing you there.
Now for all our much appreciated members of both Artius Glass pcg and the IoW Studio Glass members we follow with our usual format  ~..... Ah – now, before I do here is a joke from one of our members which tickled me somewhat.

A mechanic was removing a cylinder head from the motor of a Harley, when he spotted a world-famous heart surgeon in his shop. The heart surgeon was waiting for the service manager when the mechanic shouted across the garage, "Hey Doc, can I ask you a question?" The famous surgeon, a bit surprised, walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle.The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So Doc, look at this engine. I also can open it up, take the valves out, fix them, put in new parts, and when I finish, this will work just like a new one.  So how come I get a pittance and you get the really big money when you and I are doing basically the same work ?"
The surgeon paused, smiled and leaned over, and whispered to the mechanic -
"Try doing it while it's running." and the moral is - Some people who think they know it all are really annoying


The National Glass Fair

Once again the U.K.s most prestigious and fascinating Fair is almost upon us. If your tastes and interests in glass over the centuries is wide and diverse this fair should not be missed. In fact of all the U.K. specialist glass fairs run by those stalwarts Paul Bishop and Christina Glover  this is the premier fair of the year, easy to get to and extensive. See details of the venue in ‘Our Fair Dates’ below.

We have kept back some highly desirable gems by those fabulous glass makers whose work we promote and love - some image samples of which are now on the ‘Specialist Glass Fair’s website.http://www.nationalglassfair.co.uk/ We look forward to seeing all our loyal collectors there and maybe to even wrapping and packing the odd gem (money changing hands would also be nice !)

It has just been confirmed by the Studio (IoW) that table space has been booked at this fair.

And now for some ‘Pretty Pictures’!



One of the initial series of the  Bon Bon Collection and in existence for ONE YEAR ONLY – 1986. So amongst the scarcest of all limited production items. This was created as much by the fact that in that year due to the previous 3 years of excessive inflation all prices were hiked by over 50%. This one move alone created a dramatic downturn in demand and consequently production. The natural consequence was VERY limited quantities of any new designs for that year. Therefore Peppermint, Candyfloss and Humbug in these original shard produced designs were in relatively small quantities. Due to scarcity the current estimated value of a rarity such as this is in the region of £150 retail. On offer as below.

Description: Bon Bon Collection ‘Candy Floss’ cylindrical perfume bottle
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 18cm (7”) high x 3.5cm diam. (1.5")
Date: 1986
I.D. Marks: Black Triangle Sticker
Description : Excellent
Price: SOLD
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)


A pair of very special gems just in time for that most special of candle lit dinner periods - the two months on either side of the festive period.  Once again an item only produced for a very limited period between 1996 and ‘97.
However none of our archive price lists show these items made in the exceptionally attractive design call Flower Garden. These are in the finish ‘Lilac’. They are of very substantial proportions and so are real statement pieces which do justice  to a Downton Abbey dinner table. Again a collectors gem. Imagine them set off with those wonderful hand carved multi coloured candles. What a talking point!
Description: Flower Garden ‘Lilac’ large candle holders (codeC2)
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 24cm (9.5”) high x 8cm diam  (3.25")
Date: ‘96/’97
I.D. Marks: Gold Sticker
Condition : Excelllent. In original large White and Gold ‘Michael Harris’ monogrammed tube boxes
Price: £175.00 each or £295 the pair
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)


One of the most striking and desirable designs by Timothy Harris .Produced by rolling the piece onto broken pre
-made shards of various colours to represent the particular flower the piece was named after. However this variant of ‘Lilac’ was never put into production and so the addition of distinctly turquoise shards makes this item a bit of a special. The shape also  pins it’s date down to 1998 according to our archive records as this size was normally made in a ‘globe’
shape. A nice collectors gem.
Description: Flower Garden ‘Lilac’ variant, medium squat amphora vase
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 14cm (5.5”) high x 13cm diam  (5")
Date: 1998 ONLY in this shape
I.D. Marks: Gold Sticker
Condition : Excelllent.
Price: £140.00
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
Phone or text : 07860 822666 mobile (best method) or 01458 443694 land line(includes messaging service).
Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

n.b. The Artius Glass Newsletters are only sent to individuals on a subscriber request basis.
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If, however, you would like anyone you know to also receive them please advise us of their email address or add it to the live window on the 'Home Page' of the website
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