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January 2016
This month's newsletter highlights :  
           New Year Sale items opportunity from    ~    Isle of Wight Glass   ~    Okra    ~    
                        Michael J. Hunter    ~      Rowan van der Holt

How we do all love any excuse for a knees up (Ooops, it’s just crossed my mind that I ought to rephrase that) in the quaint old fashioned interpretation of that expression! So went New years eve for most I guess. We, as usual got up in the middle of the night (5 a.m. anyway – you can tell how much I love that – I’m always banging on about it. Oooops again) But as usual it was well worth it. All our favourite ‘Avids’ came and all but one went away with a nice gem or two – bless them – made it all worthwhile.
Anyway apart from an update on changes at the Studio of our beloved I. of W. (more later) the time has come for much wailing and uncontrollable sobbing on my part. Yes it’s January Sale Time !
Unlike many of those Black Friday and Christmas sales - whose  ethics I have to say I am always slightly suspect of.  After all I was in retail many years back with the then mighty Singer Sewing Machine Company and saw all the weezes that were employed to get the unsuspecting public to part with cash for what were assumed ‘genuine ‘ bargains.
We at least have to say that ours at 50% OFF is exactly that and you (p.c.g’s.) will get first shout. 
These items will not go on our website, or on the table at the next Fair this weekend, until after you have contacted us with your intention to buy. Any item will be reserved for you if you say ‘I want it’ – paid for or not. Can’t say fairer than that now can I?.
First come, first served though, as usual. So please advise us as soon as you see this letter.
Last month there were some who just missed out on the lovely gem of ‘Firecracker’ trial vase. Pity we didn’t have half a dozen of them (we wish) but they are more than justified to be termed as ‘rare’. A term we normally dislike unless absolutely truthful.
This week we saw a bog standard IoWSG
black azurene globe vase  on eBay – made in their hundreds during the 80’s - listed (you know where) as ‘VERY rare’! Who are they trying to kid! There are more sharks on the land than ever you will find in the sea. Hey Ho!
Anyway ~


Now for some Pretty Pictures!
Please note that as per our stated p.c.g. terms – no further discounts apply to ‘sale’ items and are sold plus p&p


One of the iconic and most recognised of all IoW Studio Glass designs and they turning point for Michael Harris and his Studio. Gold and Silver on ‘black’ glass. Still considered the ‘Flagship’ design of the studio. Won many international awards for innovative design from the late 70’s onward. A nice early example in a votive shape.
This shape is presumed to be an early ‘trial’ as the production shape coded AZ6, has an added base/foot. This shape does not appear on ANY of our archive lists.
Description: Black Azurene small pot (votive)
Maker : Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Size: 7.5cm(3”)high x 8cm(3.25cm)diam.
Date: 1979 - presumed Trial
I.D. Marks: Triangle sticker
Condition : Excellent
Price:  SOLD


Again a very scarce gem but whilst technically very unusual it had little ‘WoW’ factor at the time (and now it seems!) Made in the same  process as the very desirable Firecracker with a crackley look to the surface due to an error in the compatibility of lead based colour on a soda glass base. A happy error in the other designs which incorporated it. Part of the original short lived ‘New Bon Bon Collection’. Also one of the Studio’s initial ‘master sample’ archive pieces.
Description: Bonbons Humbug' White Medium Cylinder Vase
Maker : Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Size: 17cm(6.75”) high x 5cm(2”) dia
Date: 1987/ ‘88 Only
I.D. Marks: None due to being the studio’s archive
Condition : Excellent
Price:  SOLD


Mike is still one of our most admired glass makers. His mastery of traditional continental processes is second to none. His complex close packed millefiore paperweights and latticino twisted canes in various forms (his much sought after ‘Lizard’ paperweights and picked up cane fish) are something to behold for technical mastery of those  hitherto Italian dominated processes. Take  look at his paperweights as an illustration of what I mean. Every so often he comes up with these avant garde  pieces which can be  simply and accurately described as Art Glass. In my opinion that is the way these will be deemed in future years and so valued accordingly. If you want to do some research look up THE master – Lino Taglepietra and see the sort of value of his pieces.  What a buying opportunity this is and a stonking great piece to boot! As we so often hear when customers are relating weight to value ‘Ooooh – isn’t it heavy. You feel that George?’ but luckily we are not selling it by the pound!
Description:’Genesis’ Bag shaped vase
Maker : Michael James Hunter – Twists Studio Glass
Size: 11" high x 7" wide x 3" deep (28cm x 18cm x 8cm)
Date: 2005
I.D. Marks:Signed to base ‘Michael J. Hunter 2005’
Condition : Excellent
Price: Was : £360.00 NOW : £180.00 (plus p&p) 



Unusual, if not unique, in that  the base portion is made by emulating the same process as for his much collected ‘Jazz’ of 1993 but this has the studio’s flagship process of adding 22ct gold before the scribed enamel colour is added. When this process has been completed  another gather  of clear glass is added to the top to cover the enamel work creating an interesting optical effect.
I defy you to find me ANY other glass maker who uses this innovative process on a paperweight. A very collectable gem in fact as with all his (Timothy’s) ‘Jazz’ designs.
Now at a ludicrously low price for such innovative work. Yes – that’s right – consider yourself told off for not buying it at full price! No – I’ve never been so insulted either! (but don’t let that bother you!!)

Description:’Jazzy Mono Paperweight ‘
Maker : Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Size: 4cm(1.1") high x 2.75"(7cm) diam.
Date: 2012
I.D. Marks : Square gold sticker to base
Condition : New
Price:  SOLD


A very short lived design and process by one of our other favourite glass technicians and another world class master glassmaker Richard Golding. It was actually designed by another of his team call Sarah Cowan. However, Richard did not actually make this piece  nor did Sarah even though she designed it. It was made by one of the many glass makers Richard trained after he was bought out by the mighty Moorcroft company. In hindsight of course the biggest mistake he ever made. They tried to get him to up his production 10 fold at least by bringing in other glass makers to his team under his tutelage. Very few came up to his exacting standard but two were reasonable and one was Davy Jones. This was one of his pieces and has his initials. Made with that most unpredictable colour and the dread of all studio glass makers – red. Seldom seen in Studio Glass but much desired.

Description:’Mosaic’ perfume bottle
Maker : Okra Glass Studio
Date: 1998 but in the Okra catalogue for 1999
I.D. Marks : Marked to base- Okra D.J (Davy Jones) + symbol for 1998
Condition : Excellent
Price:  Was £120.00 NOW £60.00 (plus p&p)


                                                                 Glass Pendants with Silk cord & silver finding
                                                                 Red and Blue                          Orange and Pink
Rowan van der Holt has been making quite a name for herself in the field of free hand sculpted glass arts and crafts with her very distinctive and individual glass sculptures (see our web page under her name  http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id36.html.) Her very complex floral creations which we no longer have in stock have even reached Royal circles as head dresses for weddings of royal offspring. So you could say she is by Royal Appointment or you could if it still existed. How grand is that. These are two of her simplified versions but charming nonetheless. These are very much tougher than you would imagine and tinkle like mini bells when worn.


Description: Hand Made Lampworked & Mouth Blown  Glass pendants
Maker : Rowan van der Holt – Rowan Trees Studio
Size: 4" drop (10cm) with long adjustable tube woven silk neck cord
Date: 2012
I.D. Marks : None
Condition : New, Boxed with full artists statement.
Price:  Were £60.00 each. NOW £30.00 each. (post free)

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