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On this page we will be listing our latest newsletter previously sent out to Collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available for purchase.


JULY 2015


 This month's newsletter highlights  :   Lino Tagliopietra Exhibition    ~    

Artius Glass  Privileged Collectors Group and Isle of Wight

Collectors Club Combined ( Joint) Membership



 Hello Artius Glass and IOWSG Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

Well I guess time and life is progressing as nature intends – at a pace it would seem - considering when I last managed to get our newsletter to you. However I have always aimed at around 5-6 a year so, whilst this is a large gap, we are about on schedule.


We have had some very gratifying 'jollies' this year and, surprise surprise, all had a glass theme (except one which was associated with Tennis of course - for those who know one of our other passions)

The first was on the same weekend as our trip to Queens Tennis Tournament. This was a world class exhibition but not widely publicised, it seemed to me, for a first time in the U.K. exhibition. It was a show by the world's undisputed master of the finest Italian processes – Lino Tagliapietra.

The pieces of glass on display at Mallets Antiques in Dover St., just off Piccadilly, were just mind blowing ~ the like of which I had never witnessed before. It finished on 4th of this month but if it comes again - just go. But be warned, mortgage your house if you want to indulge – nothing under 30K per item (puts some of our pieces in perspective doesn't it?) The sheer accuracy and skill involved in his Filligrano and Latticino work on pieces in excess of 60 centimetres high and 10 - 20 kilos in size is staggering. I sneaked some illicit images but they are not what I would have like them to be but here are a couple of links to view. http://linotagliapietra.com/new-event-lino-tagliapietra-glass-ambition-at-the-mallett-gallery-london/ https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lino+tagliapietra+london&espv=2&biw=1284&bih=875&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CCsQsARqFQoTCIa66cXG7MYCFcO4FAodgtEDDw&dpr=1


Update on some of our other promoted glass makers

On the same trip we went up to see another of our contacts, Peter Layton. Chose some lovely pieces to top up our stock so have a look on our website or on our stand the next time you see us. One of his young proteges, Layne Rowe, supplied us with one of his 'Woven' series which is also getting some rightful glowing reaction but he only had one small (but beautifully formed) piece to sell us. He is, however, making us a perfume bottle in this intriguing process.



Made by producing dozens of canes (as in millifiore) which are laid out as a 'mat' then picked up on a blown gather of glass to create a vessel before being formed into the finished globe shape. When cooled (annealed) diagonal grooves are ground all the way around with a wheel to reveal the internal parts of the canes. A very time consuming, and probably unique production method. Well done Layne.


What – even MORE jollies!

Well, at the passing of our 3 score years and 10 how long have we got(?) why not spend the kids' inheritance!

This time to one of my favourite cities ~ Copenhagen. Some may be aware that I was a freelance marketing agent for several Scandinavian companies. One of my favourites was Holmegaard of Denmark. They treated us to more than one business trip to that glorious city in the early eighties and I loved everything about it - design, lifestyle, quality and not least – food!. When they were taken over by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain we lost the agency and they passed the marketing to their own sales reps. Big mistake. All the good work we had done establishing a terrific network of retailers, from Harrods down, was undone by a company who didn't have a clue how to market such innovative and contemporary designs. Not so many years ago it failed completely as tastes in crystal glass changed and they (H.G.) were taken over by an Asian Finance group supplying original designs but made in China – and you can tell. However, I have always carried a small range of their fabulous original work and designs so when I finally got round to fulfilling a promise to Ann that we would go one day - we did so this year. Not only a trip down memory lane but also a chance to search out and buy some original Holmegaard items which we did, not far from our Hotel, in the antique quarter in fact. So we now have some of Per Lutken's finest designs as well as a special by the last of their great designers called Michael Bang. We will have these early special pieces on our stand at most of our fairs as well as on our website.

Other Glass maker who we promote and stock

Michael James Hunter

We will shortly be going to Scotland to stand at Edinburgh Antique & Collectors Fair and at the same time collect an order we have had in place since February from one of Scotland's – and the U.K.'s, - finest exponents of traditional continental making methods of millifiorre and latticino (a la Lino T. as above) but here we have a home grown exponent in Michael James Hunter. I know many of you have been waiting for some of his very accomplished pieces, so not long now.

Helen Millard

We also hope to have some more cameo items from Helen Millard who has become one of the world's best exponents (I kid you not!) Hopefully some miniature pieces as well as a stunning vase portraying twin parakeets from her remarkably skilled hands. Available on our stand at the Glass Fair with miniatures to follow.

Now for some Pretty Pictures (a.k.a. Special Gems for sale)

Initially exclusively for our paid up members.




Made, as far as we can judge, as a trial for the Japanese exhibition attended by Michael & Elizabeth Harris in 1983 in Kyoto. The final range was called just that and worked very successfully. This little bottle incorporates the black triangle sticker of the period and loosely resembles a Sake bottle. This shape and design however, was not incorporated as part of the range. This is the first we have ever come across and so an IoWSG collectors gem.

Description: Unique bottle. Kyoto Trial.(in style of Sake bottle)

Maker : I. of W. Studio Glass

Size: 7.5cm (3”) high x 7.5cm diam  (3")

Date: c.1981

I.D. Marks: Black triangle sticker

Condition : Excellent.

Price: SOLD

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)





One of a very popular range started is 1996. Modified in 2000 to feature the 'Ram's Horn' design at the neck. This process employed the surface curled decoration using a twinned spiked tool. It was very labour intensive but very effective to boot. Finally discontinued in 2004.

Description: Gold Mosaic Perfume bottle

Maker : I. of W. Studio Glass

Size: 11cm (4.25”) high x 7cm wide (2.75") x 2”(5cm)deep (n.b. Oval section)

Date: c.2000/2004

I.D. Marks: None

Condition : Excellent.

Price: SOLD

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)





This design was one of a small handful produced by Timothy Harris for the very first Collectors Studio Day event in 2006. Of very substantial proportions and weight (however we are not selling it by the pound!) it was also very labour intensive as each flower had to be formed on the marver before being applied to the vase surface following 22ct gold leaf and trailing.

In concept it was a style which would lead to others in a range called Blossoms. This has been done but has taken 9 years to complete. The others are Jasmine and Camellia. These were to be a tribute to Tim's 3 daughters Ffleur, Jasmina & Camille. There were only two designs available on the Day in two colourways ~ white or pink ~ a perfume bottle with a flower stopper and this substantial vase. No more than three or four of each shape were sold on that first day. They could only be bought by attendance at The Studio on the day - so thererfore really rare gems.

Description: Golden Ffleur ovoid vase

Maker : I. of W. Studio Glass

Size: 21.5cm (8.5”) high x 11.5cm wide (4.5") x (8.5cm) 3.5”deep (n.b. Oval section)

Date: 1st October 2006. First 'Studio Collectors Day'

I.D. Marks: Signed ' Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 1st October 2006'

Condition : Excellent.

Price: SOLD

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)


Artius Glass privileged collectors group & IoW.S.G. Collectors Club

combined (Joint) membership.

This is to advise and confirm that the IoW.S.G. Collectors Club Gratis period from last July has run its course and is now on a subscription basis for members so we are reinstating the full benefits to anyone wishing to join both. Dr Richard Harris has circulated all members on his list and the benefits offered as a joint member apply to all purchases from either company but at a greatly reduced combined membership sub. So instead of having to pay £17.50 to both Collectors Clubs you can now take advantage of a combined membership fee of £25.00 for the two. The full benefits are available on both websites or on request for hard copy collectors.

The simple difference is that with individual membership you are entitled to benefits on purchases from that club only but with joint you are entitled to benefits as listed on purchases from either.
The simple reason is that our stock is not common but owned by each company separately. Ours (A.G.) mainly focuses on early retired and rare pieces whereas the Studio (IoWSG) naturally concentrates on newly made items. Please contact either of us for any further clarification.

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
Phone or text : 07860 822666 mobile (best method) or 01458 443694 land line(includes messaging service).
Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

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