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Latest Newsletter
On this page we will be publishing our latest newsletter previously sent out to collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available to purchase.

Mid February 2015

This month's newsletter highlights   Cambridge Glass Fair Moves to

Knebworth    ~    'Sunset Isle' Exclusive Commission for Artius








Hello Artius Glass & IoW Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

By way of some blessed relief to you all this is probably the shortest newsletter I have ever sent out ~ Honest !! (Update: Well it was when I started it, but it now seems I have lied AGAIN!)

It is primarily to remind you all of one of our annual highlights ( well, 3 times a year actually ~ just as exciting and BETTER than a birthday in fact with 3 times the frequency!) namely a specialist glass fair. So please see below for details and in ‘Our Fair Dates’ section. However, as I can’t resist it, here are also a couple of humorous jottings sent as usual by one of our (time on their hands??) collectors group members. We are glad they have nothing better to do as it enables us to ‘start the day with a chuckle and get it over with! So..........


‘In the 60's, people took mind bending drugs to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take anti-depressants to make it normal’.


’Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.’


and the ultimate thought ...

"Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."



The Cambridge Glass Fair (relocated to Knebworth House, Nr. Stevenage)

Once again, the first in 2015 of the U.K.s most prestigious and fascinating Fairs is almost upon us this coming Sunday (22nd Feb).

If your tastes and interests in glass over the centuries is wide and diverse this fair should not be missed. In fact of all the U.K. specialist glass fairs run by those stalwarts Paul Bishop and Christina Glover this is one of the 3 in 2015 ~ 2 at Birmingham and 1 at Cambridge. However, for the first time this has now relocated to Knebworth House, Nr.Stevenage in Bedfordshire. It is now much easier to get to (depending of course) as it is about 35 miles South West of the original site in Lynton and about 25 miles north of central London which could help with footfall. It will certainly save us personally about an hours driving time. It is located just off Jn.8 of the A1M. Sat Nav. SG1 2AX . See further details of the venue and times in ‘Our Fair Dates’ below.

We have again kept back some highly desirable gems by those fabulous glass makers whose work we promote and love - some image samples of which are now on the ‘Cambridge Glass Fairs website.http://www.cambridgeglassfair.com/ or our page on that site http://www.cambridgeglassfair.com/exhibitors/artius.htm We look forward to seeing all our loyal collectors there and maybe to even wrapping and packing the odd gem (money changing hands would also be nice !)’ [Info taken from previous newsletter]

Once more Isle of Wight Studio Glass will be standing at this fair with Timothy and Liz  ~ and of course supported by our presence in a separate hall.

And now for some ‘Pretty Pictures’!

Exclusively Commissioned range from Timothy Harris @ I.of W. Studio Glass for Artius Glass

For the first time since our specially commissioned range called ‘Charleston’, followed on by ‘Jasmine’ some years ago which some who were lucky enough to get hold of a piece will remember, we have not had an exclusive design range ~ until now that is.

So, below are some images of the work in progress for our new excusive range which is called Sunset Isle ~ as a tribute to the place of my birth (the I. of W. if you hadn’t guessed !) The items shown are literally the trials recently made for us and are numbered accordingly to enable identification of the first unique trial pieces.

These will be on show and available to purchase at the Cambridge Glass Fair on Sunday. The images below show also the base signing and the number of each ‘Trial’ and are there for identification of those trial pieces only.

Tim is still working on the final shapes which will probably comprise a paperweight, two sizes of perfume bottle and a couple of vase shapes and sizes. 

We have planned an additional design feature on each face (front and back) but will have to wait until Tim has ironed out the odd technical problems which need some experimental work by him. He will perfect it for certain because perfection is what he does and he will not be satisfied until he achieves it. What a gratifying attribute that is !



Beautifully representing a glorious sunset looking from one side of a bay to the other over a blue sea towards the tree lined opposite shore

‘Sunset Isle’ UniqueTrials. Exclusive to Artius Glass by Timothy Harris  @  I.of W Studio Glass .                                                                                                              Sizes: Various – up to 20cm (8”) x 13cm (5” wide)                                                                                                                                                                                                 Price: £299 (  Less A.G. p.c.g.  discount at 12.5% plus FREE p&p for members only)   




This and the Gemstone item below are two lovely examples of Tim’s fertile studio glass design work. Highly successful and one which eventually morphed into his equally successful Golden Mosaic range.


Description: Gemstone~Aquamarine, flask perfume bottle

Maker:Timothy Harris, I. of W. Studio Glass

Size: 11cm(4.5”)high x 9cm(3.5”)wide

Date: 1994

Condition : Excellent

I.D.Mark:  Gold Square sticker (does not include words ‘The Original)

Condition: Excellent

Price: SOLD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)





Description:Gemstone~Aquamarine, squat  perfume bottle

Maker :Timothy Harris I.of W. Studio Glass

Size: 10cm (4”) high x 8cm wide (3.25") diam.

Date: 1994

I.D. Marks:  Gold square sticker (does not include words ‘The Original)

Condition : Excellent

Price:  SOLD

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)





A superb example of Jonathan’s universally acclaimed design work. With the additional features of both internal (intrinsic) cameo carving and ‘ghost’ carving amongst the primary design. Please note sizes below as this is small – but beautifully formed!


Description:  Bowl vase. Autumn leaves cameo carved Internally (‘intrinsic’) and ‘ghost’ carved

Maker :Jonathan Harris Studio Glass 

Size: 9.5cm (3.75”) high x 12cm wide (4.75") diam.

Date: 2009

I.D. Marks:  Inscribed to base ‘Jonathan Harris Ironbridge 2009 England’

Condition : Excellent

Price: £395.00

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)





A fine example of the ever appealing Seahorses in Jonathans GRAAL production. For those who are not aware this is a process considered at the peak of the glass makers art due to the high risk factor of shattering due to thermal shock in the two stages of production and reheating (normally a taboo in glass making). First gathered and multi cased in various colours, annealed until cold, then cameo carved. Then reheated to be cased in clear glass. Only a handful of the most accomplished glass makers in the UK achieve such desirable heights.


Description: Seahorses. Ovoid vase GRAAL 

Maker : Jonathan Harris Studio Glass 

Size: 12.cm (4.75”) high x 8.5cm wide (3.25")

Date: 2009

I.D. Marks:  Inscribed to base ‘Jonathan Harris Ironbridge 2009 England’

Condition : Excellent

Price: £420.00

(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
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Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

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