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Latest Newsletter
On this page we will be publishing our latest newsletter previously sent out to collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available to purchase.

August 2014

This month's newsletter highlights   Isle of Wight Glass Collectors Studio Day


Arrangements ~  New Era Designs by Timothy Harris ~ Ebay Prices for Early Isle of  


Wight Glass Pieces



Hello Artius Glass & IoW Studio Glass Enthusiasts!
As most will be aware the studio has been operating very successfully for several weeks now IF you read all that I include in our newsletters!  I know some don’t read all my ramblings but only do as a collector once said when a question arose in relation to a prior newsletter’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know ~ I only look at your pretty pictures !’  I have related this tale before but this is for our ‘newbies’ who may wonder why I head our images in the letter with this statement.
So ~ ( ah vil se ziss mur zan vonce!)


An Important Announcement regarding Studio Arrangements
A disappointing change to our arrangements has taken place.
All our main participants for the official opening weekend, which was provisionally planned for Sept. 13th./ 14th., have had to cancel. So, sorry to advise, we have had to do the same.
Anyway this is to let you know some more not so good news ~ for some. The special Collectors Studio Day is now fully subscribed. Sorry if you hadn’t got around to adding your name but I had advised in the last two newsletters of the confirmed date of 19th Oct. so there has been plenty of notice. Early bird and worm come to mind!!?
The difference now is that we have a much reduced capacity for bulk visitor viewing and so we have restricted attendance to 40 ‘ish rather than the 60+ we used to accommodate at St. Lawrence.
However all may not be lost. We are having a board meeting this weekend where the final arrangements, and maybe an alternative solution, will be discussed. We will then circulate this to all.
However, we have now decided to include a brief opening ceremony to our Studio Collectors event at some point over the planned weekend in Oct. which will include all our celebrities. More detail later but Mark Hill has agreed to carry out the tape cutting ceremony for us so not all bad news. Please read on.
We have lined up something for the main part of the day which you will not want to miss as one of our special guests will be none other than Jonathan Harris, Tim’s brother, as well as another who has yet to confirm. Again more  later when all is finalised.
We look forward to seeing those lucky ones at what has always been a special day for us, and our loyal collectors, and we sincerely apologise if you have already made arrangements for the original launch date in September.
Another important point which has arisen is the aspect of your advantageous benefits as part of your Artius Glass Collectors Club terms.
Whilst these benefits naturally apply to all  Artius Glass members who buy OUR stock these terms DO NOT apply to any purchases made from the Studio’s own stock UNLESS you have signed up directly with I.of W. Studio Glass.
Now, this should not be a  problem as for the next 12 months membership of the IoWSGc.c. is FREE of charge.
It is planned that in 12 months time a subscription will be applied but with greatly advantageous terms to the sub amount if you sign to become joint members of Artius Glass and IoW Studio Glass members.
More of that later but meanwhile if you are coming to the Collectors Studio Day and wish to purchase from stock other than the special day pieces you will need to be a fully signed up member of the Studio’s club.
Not a problem and no cost. Just contact Richard Harris on  Richard@IsleofWightStudioGlass.co.uk or write to him or phone
Dr.R.I. Harris
Isle of Wight Studio Glass
24/26, King Edwards Way
Edith Weston
LE15 8EZ Tel: 01780 721590

Other Bits
New Era designs by Timothy Harris
As you can see below Tim’s creative juices are beginning to flow! These are just three of the new design ranges which have emanated from his fertile mind (I can’t speak for the rest of him!) with more to come we know. The Studio Collectors Day will be one such occasion we are sure but that is all under wraps for now. We’ll let you know.
However  go to http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id55.html    and see the range of colours and designs which he has produced and which are available from the studio now.
You will need to contact Richard Harris on 01780 721590  for prices, sizes and details. We are simply showing them as a service until the Studio website is fully functional . Even so a mouth watering proposition.
IoW Studio Glass Relocation Stock
PLEASE NOTE that all items on our website page classified as ‘IoW Studio Glass Relocation Stock’ have now been removed as they are all but sold out so there was no point in maintaining a full page for these items. They are however still available direct from the Studio. Remember also that these items are already discounted by the equivalent of VAT so no further members discount applies but postage is FOC for members as usual. These items are not likely to be produced again as they are from the original production ranges from the old studio. Nice chance to get a finite gem at a bargain price.


And now for some ‘Pretty Pictures’!


variation in the use of one of Tim’s newly developed processes which appears to be an extension of the  VERY long lived designs from the old era at St.Lawrence known as ‘Seascape’. A very appealing new twist on an original perennially popular theme but not made with shards as was the original Seascape.
Description: New Era Atlantic Storm Box Vase 
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 14cm (5.5”) high x 9.5cm wide(3.75") x 8cm(3.25”)deep
Date: 2014
I.D. Marks:Signed ‘Timothy Harris IoW Glass England‘
Condition : New
Price: £195.00
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)



Another intriguing design which Tim might refer to as ‘paying homage to the past’. Some may recognise the similarities to his father Michael's original Mdina concept called ‘Side Stripe’ as the basic addition of heavy trailing to the sides shows. However Tim has cleverly created a body which is constructed in the same way as his very desirable ‘Jazz’ of 1993 and ‘Jazzy’ of recent times. Ground coloured glass powder is spread on the Marver (making table), the pattern is combed though the powder and then the hot blown basic shape is rolled onto the powder leaving spaces to show the base colour of the vessel before being blown and finished with the heavy side trails. Clever eh!
Description: New Era Applied Enamel Sidestripe Vase 
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size: 22.5cm (8.75”) high x 13cm(5.25") wide
Date: 2014
I.D. Marks: IoWSG Sticker
Condition : New
Price: £.175.00
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)



Another of Tim’s newly developed designs in an interesting process depicting  the extreme variations of early planet Earth’s rock strata. Very reminiscent to me of some of the intriguing strata formations along the Dorset coastal cliffs. In particular one known as Stair Hole cove next to Lulworth Bay. Google it.!
Description: New Era Clear Rimmed ‘Statum’ Bowl
Maker : I.of W. Studio Glass
Size:  9.5cm (3.75”) high x 14cm (5.5") diam.
Date: 2014
I.D. Marks:Signed ‘Timothy Harris IoW England‘
Condition : New
Price: £145.00
(PLEASE NOTE ~ Privileged Collectors Group discount at 12.5%  plus FREE p&p applies to subscription members)
eBay ~’It’s only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it!
How many of you spotted the recent piece of one of Michael Harris’ more desirable early designs ~ an Attenuated Bottle Vase in one of the early (73-‘75) designs ‘Seaward’ sold on ebay  auction. Bids were getting interesting within a day of finishing but  two battled it out at the end and within 3 seconds of the finishing time it shot up to a staggering £814.00!!.
It goes to show how much someone is valuing these early finite pieces. We have found  many of Michael’s early designs, which we used to be able to get hold of reasonably well, are now so thin on the ground and presumably being bought to be tucked away for future investments, are being governed by market forces ~ i.e. the scarcer they get the higher the price. Very gratifying!
So come on, own up then, which of you bought it??. Just whisper in my ear. I won’t let on – honest!


And now for something completely different!
I was looking through some of my archive glass makers brochures the other day and have on file one of Norman Stuart Clarke’s original brochures and this was on one page. Very philosophical for Norman but very appropriate for glass lovers I thought.
‘Things men have made with wakened hands,
and put soft life into, are awake through years with transferred touch,
and go on glowing for long years.
And for this reason, some old things are lovely warm still
with the life of forgotten men who made them.’
D.H. Lawrence

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
Phone or text : 07860 822666 mobile (best method) or 01458 443694 land line(includes messaging service).
Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

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