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Latest Newsletter
On this page we will be publishing our latest newsletter previously sent out to collectors. Any items not marked as sold will still be available to purchase.

May 2014
This month's newsletter highlights   Isle of Wight Studio Glass Update ~  Timothy

Harris pieces at The National Glass  Fair    ~    Timothy Harris / Richard Golding

Collaboration Day   ~     Isle of Wight Studio Official Launch Weekend     ~    Collectors Studio Day    ~    Collectors

 Club Membership. 




Hello Artius Glass & IoW Studio Glass Enthusiasts!
Hang on to your Hollyhocks. It’s all kicking off !!
At the end of March Tim turned on the furnace loaded it with glass batch and FIRED UP ! All went well and on returning from the Collaboration Day with our good friend and colleague Richard Golding Tim picked up his bed and walked. No, hang on, that is the wrong story. But as a parallel it was almost a religious experience for him, and the rest of us! With virtually no nasty surprises all went well and he was up and making again.
Since then a growing series of items have been coming forth. All very different as you would expect and with the help of Richard Harris (a.k.a ‘Da Boss’!)and the rest of the team comprising two of the original studio Staff, and of course Liz Harris, glass has been made, cooled, finished and photographed. We now have images of a dozen new designs from Tim and more coming almost daily. How exciting is that?!
O.K. calm down, calm down. Now, apart from something under wraps for later, these new items from ‘Timothy Harris @ IoW Studio Glass’ (2014) will be available to see,handle, drool over and buy at ~
The National Glass Fair ~ 2014
The National Motorcycle Museum
Sunday, March 11th. (See details below) Stand 66 Hall 3. Artius Glass
This will be your first chance to own Timothy’s new era designs. Don’t miss the opportunity! Unlike past products these will NOT be part of any ranges and whilst there may be others following similar design parameters they will be one offs and will not follow the size and shape patterns of ranges as in the previous era. A collectors dream surely?
So, just as a preview, here are some images of the most recent pieces. They are not necessarily those we will have for sale but they will give you a flavour of Tim’s new designs. You will have to come to the Fair ( I feel a song coming on?!) to see those that he has made so far. Different or what !???



Whilst not totally in tablets of stone the following dates and events have been outlined to get the year rolling~
Sat. 12th July. Timothy Harris / Richard Golding Collaboration Day.
A very special return invitation to the world renowned Richard Golding (now of Station Glass, and previously founder of Okra Glass Studio) to join Tim at the new studio to fling caution to the wind and indulge their wildest fantasies and imagination producing what ever grabs them at the time. A full day of glass making as a duo just for the hell of it.
What an opportunity to see two of the best glassmakers this side of the big pond working together where creation knows no bounds. Don’t miss the chance. Open to all.
Sat.~Sun. Sept.13th/14th. Studio Official Launch Weekend.
To set it in tablets of stone, a weekend to tell the world and his uncle that we have arrived! This will be a bells & whistles whole weekend including tape cutting and champers at an official opening of the Studio. Bit like the Queen’s official birthday really – never on the day it actually happens!
One period set aside for Guests and officials - then open to all.
Would love to see our Avids there to sample some of Tim’s ‘free expression’ pieces of glass. Remember that he will have had free rein for the whole summer to produce some exciting work.
Sun. 19th October - Collectors Studio Day. Members Only.
At last a continuation of the much loved great day reserved for Collectors Club Members only when we all give thanks to the Glass God for bestowing such creative talent on his disciple Timothy Harris.
For those who have been before, since the first in 2008, you know what an occasion it is to look forward to. A varied well structured event with the ultimate bonus ~ a unique design from Tim limited to only those who attend making it one of those desirable rarities in the great scheme of things. However, as a consolation if you can’t make the day, there will be the opportunity to order a timed issue available for the following 6 months . More details later.
Special Collaboration Events
We are working on collaboration events with other artists to make the year really go with a ‘ZinG’. Details and dates to be announced. ‘So many good glass makers, so little time’!
Collectors Club Membership.
With the above in mind we now have to finally advise that IoW Studio Glass/Artius Glass Collectors Club Membership is required for special events and in particular of course ‘The Collectors Studio Day’.
Perhaps many of you have been waiting for the Studio and Tim to be fully up and running and we understand that. So now, with our closer collaboration with the new studio you have 3 options which will give you access to a Studio Day invitation as well as the benefits listed on the Artius Glass website.
Join the Artius Glass Privileged Collectors Group only.(A.G. pcg benefits only)
Join the IoW Studio Glass Collectors Club only.(IoWSG Collectors Club benefits. To be advised)
Join the combined clubs. (All combined benefits apply)
Subscriptions will be~
1. or 2. £17.00 per annum.
3. £25.00 per annum
Please bear in mind that whilst many are still receiving our free Newsletter there are No Other Benefits in the form of discounts, offers etc. applied as no subscription is paid. To gain full benefits the above subscriptions will need to be paid so that you are a full member.
Eventually the studio will issue their own newsletter in addition to this one from us.
Lastly we look forward to seeing you on Sunday or at one of the forthcoming events.
A more usual newsletter with a few special ‘Gems’ will be issued in the coming weeks but, for now, this is to get all of you up to date and to outline our closer co-operation with IoW Studio Glass. Hope that has now covered the many questions and concerns you have  had when contacting us re progress at the Studio

As ever, our very best regards,
Ron & Ann
Finally - as usual - please make contact by any of the following ~
Phone or text : 07860 822666 mobile (best method) or 01458 443694 land line(includes messaging service).
Please remember to check our fair dates on the website www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk but if you are going to email we can now pick these up on our Blackberry even though we may be staying away for a fair. Email : ron22wheeler@btinternet.com

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Should you wish to be removed from our list please send an email with the word 'UNSUBSCRIBE' in the 'Subject' line and we will remove your name from any future mailings.
If, however, you would like anyone you know to also receive them please advise us of their email address or add it to the live window on the 'Home Page' of the website
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