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This month's newsletter highlights :  
 Peter Layton confirmed as Isle of Wight Glass Studio Day Guest of Honour     ~     Isle of Wight
Studio Glass Perfume Bottles reach new heights      ~     Early Mdina pieces to watch out for  ~ 
  ~   Exclusive Commissions  by Artius Glass from Timothy Harris @ Isle of Wight Studio Glass 


Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

All the subscription members will know by now, since I sent out a 'Stop Press' notice, that at last we have finalised and confirmed the date for our most looked forward to event at IoWSG - the Collectors Studio Open Day on Sunday November 27th. There are some places left but they are going fast. So, if you wish to attend, please advise A.S.A.P.

We all look forward to meeting those who manage to get their name down for what is, as far as possible now, an annual event with all the bells and whistles we can conjure up to make it a very special day for all our most valued customers and collectors ~ namely you!

Just to whet your appetite we can confirm, as did Richard in the Isle Of Wight Studio Glass Newsletter, that this year we have managed to persuade yet another first generation founder of the British Studio Glass Movement, namely Peter Layton now of London Glassblowing, Bermondsey St., London. Take a look at some of his current mouthwatering designs and his profile showing how closely Peter's career followed almost in parallel that of our founder, Michael Harris. It's nothing short of fascinating. http://londonglassblowing.co.uk/biography

Also take a look at our website as we are still an ongoing stockist. www.ArtiusGlass.co.uk

More of this and other info on the final arrangements will be advised in our next Newsletter around the middle of October.


And now for some Pretty Pictures




One of those increasingly scarce pieces fast becoming iconic in status - a large Tricorn Bowl vase made by Michael Harris between 1968-'72. This was clearly one of the trials and so my guess is that it is closer to '68 than '72. Not so pronounced a triangular shape but unmistakeable nonetheless. Taller and heavier than any we have come across before and with hot shrinkage creases on each of the flattened sides showing how difficult it was to achieve such a shape without the use of a mould. The image of the base is to show the typical triangular shape of these pieces. One of the rare last chances to own such a piece and the only one we have come across for a considerable time – even with our contacts.

Description: Mdina Tricorn Bowl vase (early-possible 'Trial')

Maker : Michael Harris

Size: 16.5cm(6.5””)high x 24cm(9.5“)diam.

Date: 1968/'72 Only

I.D. Marks: None

Condition : Very good (wear marks on base indication of age)

Price: £295.00 (less pcg disc. + Free p&p)





This design has quickly become one of the most iconic by the hand of Master Glassmaker Timothy Harris. Introduced as far back as 1992 it has evolved over the years as a symbol of Tim's prodigious glass making skills. It represents the area of outstanding natural beauty along the southern tip of the Island just above the site of the original Studio at St. Lawrence. At one time it was the only numbered edition in the Studio's range and several shapes sold out never to be repeated. This is a new shape in the range known as a 'bag' vase. Currently made by Tim in very limited numbers.

Description: New Era 'Undercliff' vase

Maker :  Timothy Harris @ Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 19.5cm(7.75”)high x 11cm(4.25cm)wide(oval profile).

Date: 2016 Only

I.D. Marks: Square New Era Sticker & Timothy Harris signature and date

Condition : Excellent

Price:  SOLD (less pcg disc. + Free p&p)


Jenny Blair Designs

Many of you may not be aware of this maker/designer who was very prevalent , active and successful during the 1980's. Jenny was a delightful painter and decorator of an enormous range of perfume bottles which were mould made by an outside third party and came in a series of shapes. They included a stopper with dipper/applicator in most cases but not all. What made them special and collectable was the hand created decoration across a range of delightful designs some of which are shown below. They were either created with hand painted stained glass colours or, in the case of the most desirable ones, gold or silver electro plated designs. The gold and silver ones were created by coating the basic bottle in wax and then hand carving away the design to remove those parts to be plated and a nickel design applied to the bottle. This was then put in a tank of water with a piece of gold or silver and a charge of electricity applied to the metal and another charge to the bottle which created a process of chemically transferring the gold or silver to the uncoated exposed parts of the glass with fascinating effect.

This became a very substantial business for Jenny and her then husband Robert until, as so often happens, a large distributor found that he could get a similar item made in China and flooded the market with an inferior product undercutting Jenny and destroying her hard work and business. Sad but all too common. The copies of course had none of the hand made quality but the look was all too similar. They ceased production in the early 2000's but I do have a good contact for supply of their best pieces. These on offer here with gold or silver on coloured glass are the rarest. Most are on plain colourless glass with a frosted finish. See our website for another eleven examples (http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id65.html) but these below are initially exclusive to you (p.c.g. members)

3.(a. b. c. d. e. f.)



Description: Jenny Blair Designs Perfume Bottle

Maker : Jenny Blair

Sizes: ~

Globe: 6.5cm(2.5”)high x 4.5cm(1.75”)diam.

Price: ALL SOLD (less pcg disc. + Free p&p)

Amphora: 9cm(3.5”)high x 4.5cm(1.75”)diam.

Price: ALL SOLD (less pcg disc. + Free p&p)

Date: Mid Eighties in the main

I.D. Marks: Embossed JBD initials to base

Condition : Excellent (as new)







Now we have had a very pleasant surprise and I would even go as far as to say a SHOCK!

I have just completed my usual estimate of value based on the retail price at the time and then updated it using the retail price index. We then researched the relative rarity of length of time in production. A further increment is added for a Michael Harris signature which in the case of a piece of IoW Studio Glass is around x 2. Firstly this size of Fish Vase was only made in 1982 and early '83 but this colour NEVER appeared on ANY of our archive price lists as a Fish Vase in '83 & '84 even though this small size was listed but NOT in green. However it was clearly made in '86 for the well documented order which I originally took on the Studio's trade stand at the International Spring Gift Fair at NEC in that year for an American large store order (hence the numbering as they insisted even though there was no such thing as a limited edition of IoWSG) This was clearly a special in green for that order (which I have no recollection of) It then becomes clear that this is a RARE gem indeed and I do not normally apply that description lightly or glibly. So the price reflects that much overused accolade.

So you can see why I am shocked. It didn't sink in until I got it home and researched it properly.

But what a collectors increasingly valuable gem. First Come, First Served !!!

Description: 'Fish Vase' Green Azurene

Maker : Michael Harris

Size: 16.5cm(6.5””)high x 24cm(9.5“)diam.

Date: 1986 Only

I.D. Marks: SIGNED 'MICHAEL HARRIS Isle of Wight Glass England 29/500

Condition : Very good

Price:  SOLD (less pcg disc. + Free p&p)


Perfume Bottle 'Silly Season'

The 'silly season' seems to be charging on without abate. Just finished, (14th Aug.) a small Renaissance cone shaped perfume bottle on Ebay at an eye-watering £409.99.!! What is going on??!! Bought again by n***s but clearly had to be bid up by another, k***v.

I can only assume that 'someone' knows more than the rest of us ~ but WHAT??! This surely can't be one of our 'avids'....... can it?? One of our avids emailed me ~ “at that level it makes my collection of 220 bottles worth over £88,000 !! “

Iconic Early M.H. Pieces

I now feel at this point that it is worth noting the increasing scarcity with which Michael's best known designs are appearing on the open market. There are two obvious reasons for this. Firstly that their supply is finite ~ as I have said above he is not going to come back to make any more, let alone sign them. Secondly, with the increasing awareness by our the 'avids' of precisely that fact, more and more are being tucked away into treasured collections, creating even greater scarcity. This will naturally have an effect on supply and demand which will also govern the going price and value and perhaps that, albeit prematurely, is what the seller of the above iconic 'Crizzle Stone' is aware of .

At least that scenario probably means that more will come onto the market as the first publicity of one by Andy McConnell on the Antiques Road Show proved. Only two or three were recorded in existence at the time. But very quickly we became aware of the current count which is 23, with only 13 of those signed by Michael.

As a result I thought I should give you a short list of those early Mdina items as made by Michael Harris between 1968 – 72 and needless to say the scarcest and most valuable would be those items signed by him but the most difficult to identify are those without his signature but made by him.

So keep a look out for ~

1.The Crizzle Stone (naturally!!)

2. Sculptures.

3. Attenuated Bottle Vase

4. Tricorn Attenuated Bottle

5. Multi Trailed Attenuated Bottles

6. Tricorn Bowl Vases (as above)

    7. Chinese Bowl Vases.

8. Fish vase.

9 Onion Vase.

10 Japanese Vase

Now this is easier said than done as many were continued to be made by his glass making successor, Joseph Said. But there are differences and we are happy to advise and confirm if you come across them and are not sure. After all for those subscription members it is what you pay your sub for. Of course if they are signed by Michael that confirmation (except for forgeries) would not be needed. Both Joseph Said and Michael's financial partner Eric Dobson did sign from time to time but the difference is obvious as Michael's signature can be clearly read and the other two are illegible squiggles.


Exclusive Commissions by Artius Glass from Timothy Harris @ I.o. W. Studio Glass

Some of our longer standing members may recall that on a few occasions we have commissioned an exclusive design from Tim to give you something really special.

Two from the past were 'Charleston' and 'Jasmine' then laterally 'Sunset Isle'. All were made in such limited editions as to not even scratch the surface considering demand. We were adamant that no more than around 10 of each shape should be made and that was adhered to. So again these would be really rare and valuable gems now.

We are excited to have recently come up with another commission which is just going into production with Tim.

The principle we have adopted this time (our collectors club numbers have swelled somewhat since those last commissions !) is to chose some attractive and favoured St. Lawrence Studio designs from the last 30 plus years and then asked Tim to incorporate these designs into large 'Fish Vases'! The commission will comprise around 16 different designs from the past St. Lawrence production only and there will be a maximum of five pieces in any one of those designs. This will no doubt be spread over the next 2-3 years so plenty of time to get something.

This has also generated some discussion between Tim and ourselves and he will be introducing some 'New Era' designs to compliment ours.

We do hope you like the idea and we will keep you advised as production progresses.


As ever, our very best regards,

Ron and Ann

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