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June 2016
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 Update on the Isle of Wight Museum of Glass and Collectors' Studio Day   
~  Introducing glass artists new to Artius    ~    New items from Michael Hunter of
Twists Glass


Ah, sweet June, in fact sweet May and June so far. Everything seems to be coming up roses as a result. Our Avids have been swept up with some sort of buying fever it seems. We have sold more from our Website than ever before.

It seems to have started on the internet generally, as reported in the last newsletter, with some eye watering prices being paid for IoWSG perfume bottles. Most were from humble origins with some even more eye watering prices being paid for the scarcer designs. There seems to have been no rhyme or reason except for a listing which started it all with a misleading description of a production pattern being mis described and listed as 'rare'. It hasn't stopped there and although less misguided has still settled to an overvaluation by our estimates and the spin off has been like the ripples of a stone cast into a pond.. We seem to have benefited but have retained our valuations and prices at what we consider, as far as is possible, sensible current prices. However no~one has yet found any real reason but one or two facts are slowly coming to light. More later.

At I.of W. Studio Glass

Some of you have reported your impressions of a trip over to my beloved birthplace ( no blue plaque yet in place but why should there be. The best I can boast is winning the South of England Talent contest as a spotty 15 year old with our great little Skiffle Group the Dominoes – circa 1957! ) Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, with some reports of visiting the new I. of W. Museum of Glass right next door to the Studio. Now general reports have been mixed I have to be honest. But two things have to be borne in mind~

  1. Whilst the Museum would appear to be part of the Studio, and physically it is, they are two totally separate businesses . Some have been under the impression that the Studio runs the museum but categorically that is NOT so.

  2. Whilst in these early stages stock and facilities are affected by the museum, the Studio still runs as an autonomous, properly set up Studio, as a sales unit and as a viewing platform to watch one of the finest and most innovative glass makers this country has ever had in the form of Timothy Harris.

As was stated at the Museum opening by the owner Anton Doroszenko, it is still very much a 'work in progress'. All the structure and display items are there but the finishing touches such as notices, product and item information etc. have still to be installed.

Sadly print and design seems to have its own timescale and, on very relaxed Island, this can hardly be called 'quick' ~ more like 'the impossible we may be able to do soon, but miracles take longer!

It's all part of the charm of Island life, albeit very frustrating at times.

However when you go down please bear this in mind.

The Collectors Studio Open Day

With all this in mind you may as well know that a question mark hangs over that much looked forward to event The Collectors Studio Day. There are so many pressing happenings with commissions and exhibitions that it MAY (and it has not been finally decided by the team yet) have to be moved to early next year.

The good Dr Richard will make the final decision and will let you know in due course after certain pressing matters have been decided. Sorry if you were anticipating an Autumn event but as always it will be worth the wait we are sure.

And Now For Some 'Pretty Pictures' (i.e. ~ p.c.g. Members special items for sale)




Golden Ffleur Tall Perfume Bottle

One of only 2 shapes with 2 sizes in each (i.e. 2 sizes of perfume bottle and 2 sizes in a cylinder vase shape) made as an extension to the design by Tim for the very first Studio Collectors Day in 2008. They were only available during 2008 and 2009 so now seriously scarce. Stopper made as a complete flower as in the Flower Vase Collection but with rounded petals not pointed. This small collection comprised three different designs and were named as tributes to his Tim's daughters ~ Ffluer , Camille and Jasmina.

Description: Golden Ffleur Tall Perfume Bottle

Maker :  Timothy Harris @ Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 17.5cm(6.75”)high x 5cm(2cm)diam.

Date: 2008/9 Only

I.D. Marks: Square Sticker

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD



The only 'Limited Edition' ever made by Tim at the original St. Lawrence Studio located in an area of outstanding natural beauty known as 'The Undercliff'. A very time consuming and accomplished design interpretation of that Island feature.  The series was made in several shapes during its life and few, if any, ever became sold out editions. A real collectors’ gem which seldom comes to light now. When they do they command premium prices.


Description: 'Undercliff' amphora vase. Small.

Maker :  Timothy Harris @ Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 17.5cm(6.75”)high x 5cm(2cm)diam.

Date: 2003/8 Only in this shape

Marks: Square Sticker and signed to base 'Timothy Harris IoW Glass England 2011 63/100'. This denotes date sold but made as shown above.

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD



A very special rare gem. Actual quantity made not known but it is not listed in any of our archive lists. It remains a highly desirable design in its other shapes and sizes amongst 'avids'. Even in a standard perfume bottle with fitted stopper in this design it would be valued at £145.00 by our reckoning and heaven knows what on eBay the way standard perfume bottles are going!

Description: Perfume Atomiser 'Woodland Collection' Maple

Maker : Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 9.5cm(3.75”)high x 5.5cm(2.25cm)diam.

Date: 1994/96 Only

I.D. Marks: None

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD

So.... need I say more!




This was amongst the last in the 'Aurene' series similar in style to those made by Michael Harris at his first Studio at Mdina Glass on Malta. It ran alongside the newly introduced and groundbreaking Gold and Silver Azurene. While it was greeted with enormous approval and sales accordingly, it had not yet received the design awards which would be heaped upon it a year or two later. This Aurene range adorned the IoW stand when I first came across them in 1979 at a regional show and the rest, for me, is history. This particular size with the trailed finish is not on any of our archive price lists or order forms – only a shorter plain one and a slightly taller version, also plain. So it represents a very special item for an 'avid'

Description:'Aurene' Stoppered Perfume Bottle

Maker : Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 18cm(7”)high x 6.5cm(2.5cm)diam.

Date: 1978/9

I.D. Marks: Impressed Flame Loge prunt to base

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD


Artius Glass Product News

All too exciting!

We have – at last – taken delivery from one of our favourite makers of traditional continental processes, Michael James Hunter ~but with a difference. His canes in Latticino twist are something to behold. From his fine millefiori complex clusters in the most superb paperweights to the novel, but oh so accomplished, creatures made from twisted canes. We now have a range of various items on our website.



We first came across this hallmark item in the form of a simple paperweight adorned with a skilled and beautifully made Lizard made from twisted rods many years back. All individual and so very collectable as an enduring investment (trust me!). But more importantly a joy to own. In addition we have some delightful birds made from Latticino twist canes. These canes have been laid out as a mat and then 'picked up' on a clear blown blank vessel and blown into a shape, in this case a swallow and a duck. Highly skilled work and, as far as we know, unique to Mike in this form.



Newly discovered glass makers

Now, apart from those wonderfully creative pictures by Elizabeth Harris made from surplus glass parts of Tim Harris' glassmaking,(http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id56.html).

some of you may remember the glass pictures of Ivan Lambrov from Bulgaria and ones made by the owner’s daughters at Mdina glass. We have now commissioned a new discovery in another form of glass pictures made by a very talented glass artist called Alison MacVicar from Scotland.

We were so taken with her talent that we have commissioned 3 pieces as an initial order.

Alison has now made the first two for us, one of which is a representation based on a Picasso called ' Girl Before A Mirror' 1932.

This is made by copying by hand the whole of the original painting from a poster. Then she takes each component part and transfers each section onto sheet glass cutting out by hand – a long drawn out time consuming process which has to be very accurately done so that each part fits into place. Other detail is added by painting in powdered coloured glass lines, eyes etc before the whole piece is fired to around 6-700 degrees C to fuse it all together.

The second picture is an Andy Warhol representation of an image of John Lennon drawn by Alison from an Andy Worhol sketch which she has etched onto a glass panel and completed by a similar firing process.

They are simply superb and at a price which belies the work and talent involved. They will all be on our website when we take delivery of them but in the meantime

here are a couple of thumbnail images ~


Panel size 21.5 (8.5”)x 26.5cm ( 10.5”)                           Panel size 23cm x 23cm

Fully framed size 30cm x 35cm (yet to be framed)        Fully Framed size 30cm x 30cm

We hope to have more of these special works of art based on 'some of the worlds most famous paintings' in the near future.

Newly sourced Gilde Art Glass


Albeit Isle of Wight Studio Glass is the major part of our product range but just to show how extensive our interests are we would now like to introduce to you another range of blown glass from around the world.

This range is from the designs commissioned by a major home and crafts company called 'Gilde' of Germany. They are sourced from a maker whose name they will not divulge – even to us! But again we were very taken and now have in stock a good number of examples of what we assess as some very accomplished glass blowing.

Again they are clearly influenced by works of Picasso and are of very weighty and substantial size. These thumbnails, again, will give you some idea. ~



Some superb glass making, irrespective of maker, which come under the heading of 'Such Fun!' Anyone remember Patricia Hodge who made this statement her own when playing the mother of Miranda Hart in 'Miranda'?


As ever, our very best regards,

Ron and Ann


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